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Hamza International. has built a reputation of providing high quality, cost effective services throughout the last decade., We are committed to working with our clients in achieving their goals & ambitions. Our aim is to help overcome problems & provide a quality service in the domestic & international commercial world. We promise to provide a timely and constructive response to ensure that clients’ needs are met. We offer much more than traditional accounting services & seek to understand the commercial realities which face our clients. The audit clients of the firm cover a wide range of industries thus giving the firm a significant opportunity for specialization which benefits its clients.

Hamza International has the experience to accurately assess each client’s individual needs and possesses the range of services necessary to offer comprehensive, tailor-made solutions, allowing the attainment of the clients financial and business development goals.

All of our professionals embrace Hamza International commitment to quality. We hire only the most capable graduates and industry professionals and provide them with comprehensive training and ongoing coaching, supported by close supervision and extensive involvement by senior level professionals throughout each client engagement.

Company Structure

Audit and Accounting Services

Reviewing the past - planning the future

Because the audit must be done there is a temptation to regard it as a chore, a statutory necessity that takes time and resources away from the real job of actually running the business.

No business can afford to push long term thinking aside; the audit, in fact, provides a significant opportunity to consider past and future alongside each other. Unless this is done, effectiveness can decline as once-satisfactory approaches are overtaken by events.

Audit and Accounting Services

Driving your business forward.

Audit is an area where the involvement of an accountant is a legal requirement. Who you appoint and the approach they take is key. You want the work done smoothly, in a well organized way that keeps interruptions to routine operations to a minimum. You want the necessary detail dealt with, but also a constant eye kept open for opportunities and new, creative solutions. Above all, you want it all done cost effectively

Audit and Accounting Services

A broad vision - attention to detail.

You need an accountant who takes a constructive and businesslike approach to the audit. Working with Hamza International gives you exactly that: objective auditors dealing with the routine, who are also advisers stimulating ideas and offering solutions to ensure your continued business success.

With every aspect of the process – front accounting systems and procedures and management reporting systems to staffing plans and information technology – our aim is to improve your reliability and effectiveness. You can rely on opportunities being raised to achieve improved results and on everything from beginning to end being done to minimize disruption and keep costs under control.

Audit and Accounting Services

Enhancing your external image.

Sometimes the production of the annual report and accounts is seen as irritating, costly and, in a sense, unnecessary.

In fact, it is a significant opportunity for you to influence perceptions. Stakeholders, existing and potential staff, investors, clients, customers, referrers of business – all who see it will form, or amend, their picture of you. Such a picture must be positive.

A well designed and written annual report is an inherent part of Hamza International vision. You can be sure of our help in this process. Added value comes from our tailored management report: put to you in writing or across the table. The firm is a registered auditor and, as such, can deal with the statutory requirements which impact on businesses, large and small.

Throughout the audit process Hamza International focuses on client needs rather than standard approaches. You will always receive the personal service you want: expert, professional advice and assistance efficiently delivered when, where and how you want



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“We have worked with Al Zeiny Law for the past 15 years. As we have grown and evolved, what I have valued most about our relationship is that Al Zeiny Law knows us and our business.”

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We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.

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